Reading Pile

It is, and always will be, my opinion that any good author has a substantial pile of books waiting to read. Below, in no particular order, is mine; followed by a little blurb about what it’s doing in my reading pile.

Look for these when I do my book reviews.

Noir by K.W. Jeter
Found this little book while at my favorite used book store. It’s blurb starts with “L.A: The sparkling metropolis at the new center of what’s left of the civilized world…” Pair that with a retro sci-fi black and white cover and I was immediately sold.

Shadowfaye by Erica Hayes
Picked this up the same day that I picked up Noir. I’m easily sold on an urban fantasy novel by an author I haven’t read. This one revolves around a succubus woman who is enslaved to a demon lord. Let’s see how it goes.

Tekwar by William Shatner
Okay, I am firmly on the Picard line when it comes to Best Star Trek Captains but Shatner is a pretty decent author. I’m excited to start his Tek War series.

Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
The third installment of the Outlander series Gabaldon continues the story of Claire Beauchamps Randal Fraiser and her husband, Jamie. I have a soft spot for historical fiction and Gabaldon manages to show the world of 1970’s and the world if the 1770’s with equal aplomb. It is, however, heart wrenching and sometimes I have to set it aside for the sake of my heart.

On Basilisk Station by David Weber
This is the first book of the Honor Harrington series. I am actually part of the Royal Manticoran Navy, the official fan club to these books and I’ve never been able to finish the first one. Why? Because the books are good I’m just bad about picturing space battles and that throws me off since this is military science fiction. But I recently picked up the Jayne’s Intelligence Review to help me out with this, so I’m looking forward to diving in again.

Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear by Pete Haining
The title kind of says it all, doesn’t it? I picked this up at a thrift store due to my long loving relationship with horror and anthologies. I married into a proud Irish family (much to my mothers dismay) and am looking forward to reading about some good Irish stories.

A Note About the Reader: I read a lot of different types of novels. As a writer I think that you have to be incredibly well-read in order to create great fiction. If you read just one author, or even just one genre I fear that you’ll end up mimicking the author you like rather than finding your own writing style. That being said I do have preferences. Noir, Horror, Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Female Main Characters.


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