Dreams Coming True

Dreams Coming True

I did not always want to be a writer. I have, for as long as I can remember, been a very avid reader. Growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money. We didn’t have cable, or internet (yes, there was a time in which the web was something that the average person didn’t have), but we did have a library within walking distance of two of the apartments I lived in. Books were my primary form of escapism and entertainment.

Who am I kidding? Even with a heavily utilized Netflix account, they still are.

That being said, I never really thought about being a writer. Up until I went to high school I was pretty sure I was going to be a super hero. In my teen years I thought I was going to be a Broadway actress. As I was neither bitten by a radioactive butterfly, nor did my Thespian pin get me any insteps for the theater world, I turned back to my first love…books.

I’d like to say that writing was my first thought. It wasn’t. My first thought was editing, but comas and I were never really friends. Then I thought of being a librarian, but a library science degree eluded me…because I discovered studying criminology….and then anthropology…and then…okay, you get the idea. I loved to study.

I took creative writing on a whim. I thought that it would be fun, and a way for me to deal with my on again off again relationship with depression. It worked. I also discovered a passionate outlet for that imagination that wanted to be a super hero, a theater star, a glob trotting anthropologist, or a law enforcement officer. I discovered that I loved to write.

I know, me and a hundred thousand other amazing people want to be writers, and plenty of them wanted to be writers for far longer than I have. But it’s been my dream for almost eleven years now, and I am living it.

I am happy to announce that Foehammer: A Paranormal Crimes Division Novel by Lorena Black will be coming out later this year.




I Have Arrived…Kinda

I Have Arrived…Kinda

Me and MLK have two things in common…dreams. Alright, so his dreams are way cooler and far more inspirational than mine, and that reference is overdone. Still, I think that the crux of the matter is that I have dreams…and that’s neat.

Mine revolve around writing. I know that I am not the only one with this dream, and I also know that many of my followers share this one with me. It is also one I know a lot of us are struggling with, myself included.

I have taken a lot of steps to achieve this little dream of mine. I have taken classes, joined groups (both online and real life), I have taken part in NaNo, started a blog, gotten into twitter…so on and so forth.

But hands down the biggest step forward I took was to get involved in ghostwriting. This took me over that line from amateur to professional. Sure, my name isn’t on the cover of the works that I have taken part in, but it HAS helped me nail down this ‘writing every day, even if it’s not what I wanna do right this moment’ thing. In this capacity I have written, thus far:

  • 40 short stories, between 2,500 and 10,000 words.
  • 6 scripts for short films. about ten pages each.
  • 17 single scenes, words counts varied, but around 4k each
  • 3 novellas between 20k-35k

All in the span of three months. Which, if you are counting, is a lot of words. So many words. I am proud of these achievements. They are awesome. It’s been amazing.

However, I have just received (and accepted) my very first offer to pen a full length novel. I will be receiving $750 for a 75k thriller/romance novel and I am so excited about that. I cannot even express. Sure, my name wont be on the cover….

…but that’s the next step.



When I am not bashing my head against my own work, I am bashing my head against a client’s. In some ways I find this a very freeing (and lucrative) way to keep writing, even when I have no inspiration with my own work.

My niche, so far, has been writing short stories revolving around alien romance. Who knew that I could bring my love of smooches together with my love of futuristic political arenas. It’s pretty neat.

I get to make my own hours, pick the clients that I want to work with, and when the writing is done I can send it out and not have to worry about someone’s poor opinion reflecting on my personal work.

However, it is not without its flaws. There are some clients who think that writing is very easy and straightforward. They do not understand that it is not particularly feasible to write an 80k story in a matter of five days, much less do so with perfect grammar. So, there’s that.

At the end of the day, though, after everything that has gone on in my life recently. It’s really nice to be able to tell people that I’m a writer, professionally.

Taking My Own Advice

So a while back I published a blog post about the importance of stepping away from your work. I was pretty specific about why a writer needs to take their time away from a written piece and just come back to it later. Have I mentioned that I really hate taking my own advice?


For those of you who have been following me for a bit you know that I recently participated in NaNo. I managed to get my very first book written. I didn’t write the 50k novel. It is most definitely a novella, but I wrote it.

Did I practice what I preached and take time away from that work before I started editing? Yes, I did, but only just barely. The very next day I went out and immediately printed out all 157 sheets of The Dominatrix and The Beast. I rubbed my cheek against the warm pages like an overly affectionate cat and wiggled in barely contained happiness at my own awesomeness.

I took it home, I got out my red pen, and I stopped.

I really want to jump into the indie author pool. I’m frothing to throw my work into the digital ring….or some other mishmash of cliches. But, and it’s a Sir Mix-A-Lot sized ‘but’, my work deserves to be given every chance to be awesome.


So I guess this means I have to take a step back and work on something else. The question, I guess, is what should I do? Should I try my hand at writing short fiction? Should I work on books two, three, and four in the Domina Claire series? Should I poke at that sci-fi novel I’ve been wanting to try my hand at?

So many questions! What about you guys? When you finish one work how do you know what to work on next?

NaNoWriMo- Day 25

Soooo….someone please remind me to contact Bethesda and inform them that releasing a game I’ve waited on for 7 years during the month of NaNo is a form of cruel and unusual punishment.


For my non gaming friends out there I am referring to Fallout 4, the most recent installment of Bethesda Entertainments ridiculously popular post apocalyptic setting. While not without it’s faults, the game is phenomenal. There is so much content, and awesome stories, and amazing characters! It even does this really neat thing where it tells me just how long I’ve been playing when I save.

I’m a frequent saver, by the way; and because I am I can tell you that I have spent over 57 hours playing this one game in the past week. Yup. There is a good chance that I’m not going to make my writing goal because Bethesda didn’t bother to push back their release til December or something.

Because, you know, it’s definitely their fault. It certainly can’t be *my* complete lack of willpower, right? Right.

Anywho, my word count stand at just shy of 35,000 words. Tonight I am making fish sticks and tater-tots for dinner and I don’t have to cook tomorrow. So, here’s hoping I still have a chance, even if it’s a snowball vs Hell type of chance.

NaNoWriMo- Day 21

Word Count: 34,602 words

So, my story is just sitting there looking at me. It’s like a cat that’s just knocked something off the counter, swishing it’s little tail going “So what are you going to do about me, human?”

And the answer (for both really) is “I haven’t got a gosh darn clue.”

It’s the rotten truth of it all. I’ve covered the story that I was going to write. If I do any more it will be because I go back and start editing. I could do that, but it sorta breaks the Don’t Think, Just Write motto that is the core of NaNo mentality.

Okay, I’m going to be extra honest. I’ve already done a little editing. That’s how I went from 21,000 words to my current word count. Shhh. I wont tell if you don’t. I mean, I haven’t ACTUALLY gone back and edited. I’ve just re-read some of my work to be inspired to write extra things. It’s…not quite editing. Right? Yeah, right.

In my “not quite editing” I’ve noticed several themes in my work. food is a reoccurring background element. There is a diner scene, a grocery scene, two different grilling scenes, and two making breakfast post coitus scenes.

I may have a fascination with food.

Oops. I might change this in editing, chances are I wont. My lycanthropes need to eat, and my main character is a bit of a foodie. So…it fits. I just look forward to any and all reviews that go “This writer really likes to talk about food.”

Yes, yes I do.

I’ve also noticed that there are a lot of long conversations. Like, yeah they are broken up with description and movement, but the conversations go on for pages. I like it, and I’m terrified that readers are going to go ‘uuugh, these people wont shut up.’

I guess what I’m really saying is I’m terrified that everything I’ve done is wrong. Yup. That’s me. Super confident writer of all things paranormal and erotic. -insert self effacing sigh here-