Seriously though, horror

Seriously though, horror

I write naughty things. I find something glorious about describing the feel of satin hands sliding across sweaty skin. Or whispered promises and candlelit dinners. It’s fantastic. I’m not ashamed of it. At least I’m not till my conservative 80 year old grandfather looks me in the eye and asks me what my books are about.

That conversation went about as well as you can expect.

That being said, I have a deep and abiding passion for horror. I have a ridiculous collection of horror films (new, old, and remade), I have a slew of shelves devoted to the literary version of the genre, and I even wrote a screenplay based off of the mysterious case of Elisa Lam.

I think part of it is because I live in (almost) rural Virginia. We are very proud of our claim to be the ‘most haunted state in the US’. There is even a very lucrative series of books out there that collect all the local stories. So here I am, surrounded by the idea of ghosts, witches, and mysterious murders, what is a writer to do?

It’s a tad bit hard to cross the genre of romance and horror without it falling more into one than the other. Perhaps I ought to take another pen-name and devote that time and energy to the bump in the night stories.

Or not. Who knows?


A Year of Women (in Sci-Fi/Fantasy)

A Year of Women (in Sci-Fi/Fantasy)



So, for reasons that I have made clear in a previous post, I wasn’t doing much in the way of blogging/writing during the earlier months of this year. Therefore, I did not get to announce my two reading pledges for this year.

The first, which I am sharing with the incredible Shannon Noel Brady, revolves around the dewy decimal system and non- fiction books. In this I am to read one book from each of the first numbers in the system. So far that has been interesting, but I have seriously fallen behind. I will be picking up with a book in the 4’s sometime soon, look for that.

The other pledge, made to myself, revolves around fiction books. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time you know that I love (almost) all genres and (most of) the authors in them. However, I received a little real-life criticism for seeming to have a preference for female authors, especially in the world of science-fiction and fantasy.

That isn’t true, but it was perceived that way.

I responded in the most adult way that I possibly could. I made the promise that I would read ONLY female authors this year. Because that wasn’t petty at all. Right? Right.


( my cat is judging me)

So, I realize that we are headed into July, and that my goodreads shows that I am still reading the digital version of G.R.R.M’s Game of Thrones, but that’s been going on for about two or three years…so ignore that. For this year I will (and have) been putting a serious, unrelenting spotlight on the authors of Science Fiction and Fantasy. So look for that when I do some of my book lists, my reviews, and other nuggets of literary delight.


When I am not bashing my head against my own work, I am bashing my head against a client’s. In some ways I find this a very freeing (and lucrative) way to keep writing, even when I have no inspiration with my own work.

My niche, so far, has been writing short stories revolving around alien romance. Who knew that I could bring my love of smooches together with my love of futuristic political arenas. It’s pretty neat.

I get to make my own hours, pick the clients that I want to work with, and when the writing is done I can send it out and not have to worry about someone’s poor opinion reflecting on my personal work.

However, it is not without its flaws. There are some clients who think that writing is very easy and straightforward. They do not understand that it is not particularly feasible to write an 80k story in a matter of five days, much less do so with perfect grammar. So, there’s that.

At the end of the day, though, after everything that has gone on in my life recently. It’s really nice to be able to tell people that I’m a writer, professionally.

Dear Followers

The past few months have not been easy.

I do not have the heart, nor the words, to go into details but I can say that a lot has happened. The shortest explanation is: Housefire, Water Heater Death, Cancer, and an emotional breakdown.

It has not been an easy few months for me nor the people I am closest to. However, I am back. I cannot promise to post everyday, in fact I can’t make any promises where my posting habits will be concerned. Just know that I am alive and as well as I can hope to be. Thank you all for sticking around through my absence.