NaNoWriMo- Day 4

There was no update yesterday because I was crazy busy writing my actual novel. That should be a ‘yay’ moment but the problem was I was writing a completely different novel from the one I was supposed to be writing.


So here’s the thing. I never intended from my story to become a series, at all. But I suddenly have ideas for other story-lines that my characters are going to go through and spent my time outlining book two. Only to realize that if I did what I was planning I would need another book, so the outline for book two has become the outline for book three and I did a new outline for book two.

Keep in mind that my “outlines” are more like chapter-by-chapter synopses  that work as a guide for when I actually get around to writing the scenes. They average around 4,000+ words. Oh my friggen god.

So now I have three books planned in my Domina Claire series.

1- The Dominatrix and the Beast
2- Chained Beauty
3- A Bite of Winter

And chances are there will probably be more. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. I am a huge proponent that an author does not have to write a series in order to be validated. I think that stand alone fiction is awesome.

But my brain doesn’t seem to give a crap what I think it’s doing it’s own thing. I’m just here, sacrificing my wrists.

On the plus side:


Look what I made.


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