NaNoWriMo- Day 1

In which I will be logging my terrifying attempt to write a 50,000 word rough draft in thirty days. You know, because I (and several thousand others) have gone totally nuts.

I’ve made my thoughts on NaNo known. I think that it has it’s pros and its cons but ultimately the writer needs to follow through once the month is over to make sure that they follow through on the rest of their work. I fully intend to do so.

This is the first year that I will be taking my association with a NaNo project seriously. If you feel like following my flagging attempts to write 1667 words a day you can find me at the NaNoWriMo website here. But I plan on logging my daily attempts here too, and I hope that it will be better than my month in the life of a writer series. Because that was a wash.

Normally when I write I just pick up my laptop wherever I might have set it down last. I figure this slapdash way of going about something wasn’t going to work so well, so I decided to roost in the kitchen. I could get a few chores done in between spurts of creativity.

To say that it did not go well may be an exercise in the understatement. I managed to slice my finger open, bash my forehead on an open cabinet, and bruise my hip bumping into the counter. Yup. Weirdly enough it’s really hard to continue writing on a bloody keyboard with a headache.

I decided to change up the local of my work.

There is a spare bedroom at my place. I tend to use it as a really big closet, mostly because I have way too much stuff. My collection of puzzles, clothes that I never wear but can’t bring myself to throw away, a bookshelf of my not-quite-favorites books, the collection of dust collectors my mother passed on to me, childhood stuffed animals, a stationary bike, a really crappy twin sized bed…you get the idea.

With my head pounding and my hip grumping at me I took on the six hour task of cleaning out the room. I walked down the road of nostalgia and into the realm of donations. I’ve discovered I’m not fantastic at getting rid of things. Oops.

However, the spare bed is now operating as my desk as I begin my foray into the world of NaNo.

Word Count: 1675


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