Stop Hating on the EBook

Okay, I know there are probably a hundred blog posts like this one out there. They like to talk about how good for the environment an EBook is, or how it’s better for the author to pick up the hardcopy. Whatever. That’s not why I’m writing this. I got into this argument with a long time friend and am now feeling the urge to vent my frustrations. I apologize for the following rant.

I love books. We’ve been in a relationship since Spot went running. It didn’t become serious until the Nancy Drew Mystery Novels, but it’s always been there. In my heart. Tormenting me. (Star Wars Reference, boo-yah) It might not be my only hobby (I’m also a complete nerd) but it is the one that’s been there the longest and gotten me through the most.

But here’s the thing, books are expensive. Like, really expensive. Every time I take a trip up to my local bookstore I spend somewhere between $50-$200…easily. The last time I got a good tax return I spend half of it on books. I was a huge proponent of the hard copy story. I was a bit of a snob who felt that if you didn’t pick up the hardback as soon as it came out you weren’t a REAL fan.

But that was when I was gainfully employed, receiving some tax benefits due to being in college, with aspirations of the upper middle class. I never had to worry about paying my bills nor whether or not I’d be able to buy groceries. It was a very good time.

Then, as things tend to do, tragedy struck. Heath became an issue. I had to drop out of college literally 9 credits before getting my degree. The job I DID have, I had to quit. I had to move back in with family and got rid of my snazzy phone. I also had to say goodbye to spending $50 bucks a month on brand new pretty books.

I’m not going to say that I don’t watch any television. I love a few shows very much (Agent Carter, Game of Thrones, and a couple others), but I don’t watch them live, rather I watch them in big binge blocks.

I also lost a few friends during this time. People got really weird about the health (despite the fact that is was not, in any way, contagious) and me moving put me further from others. I also, in a time of stress, made a few bad decisions. That was one me.

I’m going to be honest, I got pretty depressed. I really needed to enjoy some escapism.

I did what any bibliophile would do. I renewed my library card, but I couldn’t get out there very often and there were lots of books missing out of the series that I wanted to read.

I went to used book stores when I could and have developed what I can only call a frothing love with them. However, it suffers from the same issue as the library. Also, people love to keep good books.

That Christmas I got an iPhone handed down from my sister, and Kindle has been a lifesaver. The daily deals, the cheap kindle books, Kindle unlimited. All of that has been fantastic in helping me stay sane in my time of need. It is, in the long run, a cheaper option than going out and buying whatever book happens to strike my fancy, though I’m still guilty of picking up a new paperback from time to time.


3 thoughts on “Stop Hating on the EBook

  1. Ebooks aren’t MY thing, but I can see how they’re handy for others. And you’re right, brand new books are expensive. I feel bad that I can’t support other authors as much as I’d like, but I simply don’t make a lot of money. 😦 I’m very lucky that I have an amazing used bookstore near me. Only problem is I’ve become addicted and buy more than I can possibly keep up with reading. πŸ˜€

    I’m so sorry to hear about your health struggles. Books are a great medicine for all ailments.

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    1. I’ve talked to a lot of authors and I’ve learned the very best thing that you can do to support them is tell other people how great their books are. Read them in public, talk about them, display them prominently if you happen to work in a location that sells or checks out books.

      While, yes, it would be TOTALLY awesome if I owned the hardback first run copy of every book that I love, I can’t. But it’s not the only way that I can support my favorites.

      Also, there is no help for your addiction. Just feed the need.You can always say you are stockpiling for the apocalypse. πŸ™‚

      Also, thank you.

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