It Was the Character’s Choice, Not MIne.

I have finished my first draft. I had expected to feel something amazing, a lighthearted sense of accomplishment. I can’t really say that I do. All I can see is this glaring realization that I could have done better. I see is my run-on sentences and cliche descriptions, and varied comma usage.

The Dominatrix and the Beast was supposed to be a quick little short about a woman introducing a werewolf into the pleasures of BDSM.It was supposed to be a practice in just getting something finished. If it were still only that I’m not sure I would find myself in this predicament.

Starting off, the characters were little more than literary paperdolls posed in short conversations and long sex scenes.  There was Claire, the dominatrix of the paranormal and snarky intellectual; and Owen a grumpy wolf-guy who needed some release.

Then Claire just started prodding at me. She demanded more care an attention than I originally planned on giving her, or her story. I hadn’t expected that. I had expected to just jot down some steamy fun times laced with magic and get into the groove of writing everyday before moving on to more ‘serious’ attempts at writing.

Claire did not approve. She wanted to know why she’d chosen this line of work rather than being a paranormal anthropologist, since that is what she’d studied. She wanted to know if her and Owen developed a romantic story or if it was enjoyable business. So, the story became more.

While Owen and some of the other characters (there weren’t supposed to really be other characters, oops) are still rather cliche boxed in ideas rather than fleshed out people (something I plan to fix in editing); Claire is more. I like her and I plan on giving her more page time.

But, I have a first draft. It’s just shy of 22,000 words and it’s in desperate need of editing, but it’s mine. Now, to take a week or two away from it so that I can look at the story with fresh eyes.


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