Smacked with Inspiration

Anyone who has been following any of my social media accounts knows that I have been bashing my head against the last few chapters of my book. I wouldn’t really call it writers block. I could still write other things. I got some of my cookbook put together (have I mentioned I’m working on a cookbook? Well I have now) and I got some research done for other works. I was productive.

I just wasn’t getting anywhere on my main work.

Yesterday, after smashing my brain against the story for about an hour I decided to go out to my favorite diner who is kind enough to let me set up shop there and work. I don’t know if it was the change of location or not having to worry about making my own food but suddenly story parts began to fall into place.

It was an incredible experience.

That being said I still have two chapters (I  think) to write in order to get my first draft finished. I’m excited.


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