A Month in the Life of a Writer- Day 6

My first chapter is done. Like, really finished. Rough draft- Check, First draft-Check, read, analyzed, and critiqued by a group of my peers- Check. I even went back a second and third time to adjust for the constructive criticisms I received from said group of peers.


It’s a milestone for me. Over the years I had to overcome many personal obstacles (laziness, stubbornness, lethargy) to get to this place with my work. I started out (nearly a decade ago) believing that all authors wrote start to finish and going from rough draft to a final draft was using spell check and making sure your commas where in the right place.

Update: I’ve learned that no one really agrees on what the right place for a comma is.

Also, going from a rough draft to a final draft is about a billion times more difficult than I originally believed. There are about a thousand steps and all of them are important. Many of them are tedious. However, for my very first chapter I got them done.

Now…about 15 more chapters to go.


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