A Month in the Life of a Writer- Day 5

Right around 7:30 last night I set aside my revision lest I rip off my own arm and start beating myself with it. I had gotten to this strange point where I was just staring at the work going “Just fix yourself.”

Since I am not a Jedi, it didn’t work.

It was expressed to me by several writing buddies that the second and third chapter of my book were a little on the wordy side. Not that it was bad but that they could be meshed together to make a more streamlined cohesive story. At first I was like “No! I am all knowing and perfect and would never have written something that was absolutely superfluous.”

Yeah….about that.

While they weren’t completely right (some thing need to stay in so that the story makes sense later) there were some parts that could be pulled to make the characters pop a little better. So I had to go about carving up my work which felt sort of like carving up myself.

Today I am setting that aside so I can look at it later with new eyes and make sure that it flows well. Bleh.

In the meantime I am going to focus on writing a better ending to my story since I no longer like the first one. Why? Because characters, that’s why. When I first put this idea to paper my characters were little more than a couple of descriptors. Over time they started…you know…talking to me.

I’m not crazy. I promise. The characters I write about slowly come to life as I write more and more about them. I don’t think they are real or anything and I don’t find myself talking with them…yet. But I certainly get a more vivid image of them over time.

That being said…I need to write an ending that suits the characters I have created. Wish me luck.


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