Daily Life of a Writer- Day 2

Yesterday I wrote a lot of words. So many.

Today I have to go over those words and hack at them with a machete.

As may (or may not) know, I wrote a sex scene. I already know that I am going to change a great deal about it before I even hunker down to re-read what I wrote in a mildly interrupted flurry of key-tapping.

I know that I am supposed to wait a few days before going back to my writing, all the books say so. My problem with that is, if I wait, I wont do it. Right now what I have happening in one scene conflicts with another and I need to change that before I just say ‘screw it’.

So today is an editing day. I have set up by printing out my novel. I have highlighters and red pens. I also splurged and bought some white cheddar popcorn. Yum.

Off I go.


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