A Month in the Life of a Writer Day-1

I am not sure, entirely, if I am writing this segment for my readers or myself. In truth it’s probably both. For the next month, in conjunction with my writing 101 series, I am going to write about my daily life. What I’m reading, how much I am reading, what I do with my free time.

It is not that I think my life is overly interesting, it’s not. But I think that it is important to catalog what a person who is writing full time (though hasn’t been paid) is up to.

Also, it’s good practice. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

When I woke up this morning I had my iPhone handy. It’s not useful as a phone, since there isn’t a simcard or phone number with it. I use it as a minicomputer for my kindle app and to hold my audio-books. This morning was dark and drizzling, my favorite kind of morning. I am apt to lounge in bed for a couple hours…you know, until the stomach starts making demands on me.

I have a notebook too, and a pen (I’m picky about my pens). I hooked myself up to my headphones and turned on my current listen, Kushiel’s Avatar. As I get lost in Jacqueline Carey’s alternate magical earth I jot down words that I like that I don’t use nearly enough. This practice helps me keep my vocabulary changing.

Words for today:

The last one didn’t actually appear in the section I listened to this morning…but it popped into my head while I was listening to Phedra describe another queen. So it fits.

Then my cat decided it was well past time for me to be up and feeding him, and it was in fact nearly 11. So I fed him, my fish, and poked around the kitchen for something that I wanted. My pickings were few since no one has gone to the grocery store. I gave up, packed my things, and got a ride to my favorite diner.

So here I sit. My size 12 butt tucked into a saggy booth done is sparkly red pleather. A club sandwich and a cup of coffee in front of me, going over my current works in progress and their statistics.

Novella: The Dominatrix and the Beast (Working Title, but I kinda like it)
Word Count: 14, 467
Chapters Planned: 15
Chapters Written: 10
Draft: 1st (with some revision)
Genre: Paranormal Erotica

Novel: Fae-Touch
Word Count: 10,221
Chapters Planned: 40
Chapters Written: 7 1/2
Draft: 1st (rough)
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Novel: Foehammer
Word Count: 21,918
Chapters Planned: 57
Chapters Written: 15
Draft: 2nd (Under heavy revision)
Genre: Paranormal Mystery (with urban fantasy leanings)

Now that this is all laid out in front of me I have to decide exactly what it is I plan on working on. I plan on finishing my erotica novel first, as a way to get something fairly to the point out there and generating something I could call income. I only have to write 5 more chapters to have a conclusive first draft, 2 of which are sex scenes.

Okay, so what do I need to research to get these things done?
-Puppy Play (a form of bondage play)
-Things that a person can spank with (other than their hand)
-Werewolf origin stories

On the plus side I went to the library yesterday and picked up a few books that can help me here. Aren’t libraries grand? Today’s books include:
-Mysteries of the Unknown: Transformations a Time-Life book about the history of the myth of the werewolf and the vampire.
-The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings
-The Mistress Manual: A Good Girls Guide to Female Domination

Sounds good. Let’s read about whips and chains while I munch on my sandwich. The hardest part is ignoring the gazes of the construction workers who come in. I jot down some descriptors to add to my male main character later. Because if you are going to stare at me, I’m going to humiliate you…you know…literately.

After my fourth cup of coffee my teeth are starting to get that cream and sugar film that tells me I’ve overindulged and am probably going to have a headache later. I get the check, pay my bill, and head back home.

Here’s the issue that I’m wrestling with as I set up back in my home office, also known as the couch. I need to write a sex scene. I’ve written them before, with alacrity (hah! used the cool word) but never with the intent to show them to the world, for money. Pressure much?

But here’s the thing. It means something to me. Yeah, yeah. I know. It’s just erotica, right? Well, no not for me. It’s…well it’s more. Recently BDSM stories have become mainstream. Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, and similar novels have all shown some variety of bondage. I’m going to be honest, I don’t like these novels very much.

Why? Well, firstly because female submissiveness doesn’t do a whole lot for me, personally. Secondly because a lot of these novels sorta forget the rules of BDSM. So a few months ago, after listening to me educate someone else, a friend of mine said “Well why don’t you write about it?”

So…you know…here I am, trying to write something dirty and educational all at once. Go me.

My advice for writing sex scenes? Write it all, beginning to end. Oh you don’t have to include every slick detail. But you do need to get the entire scene out in one fell swoop. The thing is sex has a flow. It goes from one thing into another. In good sex, it’s seamless. To recreate this through words I think its pretty important that you write it in one sitting.

So…that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll check back in later.


Update: I had to pause mid sex scene to go do the dishes. Because, and I’m quoting here “It smelled”

What a way to put a girl in the mood….

Let’s try it again?


Okay, so it’s like…7 hours later. I have broken the full scene into three separate parts and have written 2 of them. The new word count for The Dominatrix and the Beast is 18,840

And I’m pretty sure that’s it for tonight because I am tapped out. Seven hours of sex is intense.

Till tomorrow everyone.


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