My Top Five Favorite (Male) Romance Characters

If you haven’t heard of Christian Grey I’m pretty sure your residence is subterran. That’s okay though. I wont judge you.

Over the past week, or two, I’ve made my viewpoints on romance novels known. I’ve also shown that I like lists. So today we are going to combine those things and put together a list of my top favorite romance characters of the male persuasion. Why the male characters?

Because I wanted to.

Seriously, that is legitimately my only reason. It’s done, in part, because a lot of the female characters in romance novels tend to be purposefully vague so that the reader, who is often female, can do a self insert. I have some mixed feelings about this practice…but that’s a whole different post.

Today we are going to focus on the characters who made my heart skip a proverbial beat. In order to fit into this list the story has to have a solid romantic theme, the character will be male, and will be the object of affection for the female main character. I will only be picking one character per, not just series, but author. Also, nearly all the art below is fanart for the characters. Sorry for the variety in styles.

5) Zsadist, Lover Awakened: The Black Dagger Brotherhood, J.R. Ward

Scared, tortured, and lethal. Zsaidst is the scared twin of another brotherhood character and falls into the category of angry bad boy. Zsadist was taken from his family as a very young child, separated from his twin brother. He grows up as a sex slave and doesn’t get to break fre till much later, and after getting permanently scared. He is a protective and affectionate lover, and a total cream puff when he becomes a father. Too precious for this world.

4) Wulf, Dark Hunter Series, Sherrilyn Kenyon

So the thing I like about the Dark Hunter series is that there is a dash of historic meshed in with the urban fantasy. It’s not perfect, certainly, but there is a wonderful look into the idea of gods and goddesses continuing being petty all the way into the modern era. It’s fun to read and what makes it extra fun is that the books feed into one another. So while the sixth book is where you meet Wulf he does appear in other books.

What’s not to love about a former viking warrior who dedicated himself to The Morrigan? He’s a little different from your average Dark-Hunter who had to have and Act of Vengeance to become what they are…but I wont go too deep into that since it’s a bit of a spoiler but of all the Dark-Hunters it feels like he is most in touch with who and what he is…maybe because he is cursed with being forgotten.

3) Rydstrome the Demon King, Kiss of the Demon King, Immortals after Dark. Kresley Cole

This is one of my all time favorite paranormal fantasy romance stories and it starts with the Demon King (as pictures above) being captured by a sorceress. He’s pretty grumpy about it, but mostly because he is totally enraptured by her too. So it’s this wonderful little crazy story and I dunno…something about this dude just makes me want to pat him on the head and go ‘Dude, it’s gonna be cool.’

2) Joscelin Verreuil, The Kushiel Series, Jacqueline Carey

Where do I even start? Josceline is a very serious priest of an order of abstinent warriors who falls for a courtesan. He came from lesser nobility, is great with children, and one of the most lethal combatants in his world. Seriously, he is so close to perfect it’s damn near painful. During the course of the books that he is part of he travels the length of the world and back again as the perfect companion. In his time at his mistresses side he breaks nearly all of his vows to keep her safe and accepts the punishment for it with grace. He is just…perfect.

1 ) Sholto, The Merry Gentry Series, Laurell K Hamilton

There is not picture for Sholto and honestly that makes me mad. Sholto is King of the Slaugh in Laurell K. Hamilton’s faerie based series. While there is no shortage of super attractive and amazing dudes in these books Sholto is my all time favorite. He is part Sidhe, part Nightfury and as a product of this pairing came out…malformed. He is complicated in the fact that he is self loathing and proud all at once. Also, he has tentacles. Yup, a whole belly of ’em. Weird and yet neat. Don’t judge me.


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