The Problem with Romance

is that people never take it seriously.

The average Romance novel will sell for two dollars less than another book of a different genre, equal in length. Heck, there is an even larger price discrepancy if you add in the e-published novels sold through Barnes & Noble or Amazon. And that’s…not okay.

Is there less time, effort, or work put into Science-Fiction/Fantasy? Does it somehow require less planning and understanding than writing a Young Adult novel? Is more passion written into a true crime or mystery?

No. It’s not. Writing romance isn’t any easier. It’s not lesser, and yet it’s often treated so. It’s called dismissive names. Those who write it are relegated to a certain unappreciated sect amusing their more respected co-workers. Those who read it are patted on the head or mocked.

“I don’t read romance,” I once heard a feminist female friend once say to me. “Its stupid.”

Congratulations. You don’t bother to support the one genre of literature currently dominated by female writers and read by female readers. Doesn’t that make you a special little snowflake?

“Me either,” a male friend responded, “But, you know, I’m a guy.”

So what? Having a certain set of genitalia keeps you from getting lost in a story often about adventure and sex? Strange…pretty sure most action flicks are about that. But, you know, I’ve got lady parts so maybe I’m mistaken.

“They’re just not realistic.”

Yeah, I know…I much prefer the realism of Harry Potter.

Now, I’m not going to say that romantic literature is the be-all, end-all of of the book world. It has some inherent problems that need to be dealt with. The tropes of the average romantic heroine being a white woman in her mid twenties who is slim and attractive and somewhat lacking in personality. That needs to be taken care of.

But all in all it is not suffering from any more cliche`s than the rest of the genres out there. Fantasy stories are ripe with middle aged men who are proud and bearded using swords and having simpering elven ladies for lovers. Science-Fiction suffers from the dark haired and scruffy guys who Han Solo their way around the universe.

So don’t tell me that stereotypes are whats keeping you from enjoying the genre.


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