An Open Letter of Thanks

As writers we often think of our craft as a solitary one. After all we alone spend those countless hours sitting in front of our word processor of choice, begging whatever muse will listen, for enough inspiration to get us through our next bookish hurdle. As I gear up fro NaNoWriMo I find myself reminded that I am not alone in my work, but I am guilty of being thankless.

We spend so much time surrounding ourselves with the imaginary that we often forget about the real people who help us get through this process. We forget about the librarians who don’t mock us for needing to check out books on innumerable (and often strange) subjects. We forget about the crew members of various coffeehouse establishments that keep us caffeinated.

So I’m here to say thank you on behalf of everyone who was ever so immersed in their stories that they forgot to.

Thank you to the 24 hour diners willing to serve breakfast at three a.m because we either stayed up too late or woke up too early. Thank you to every (often random)person to help us remember that perfect word that was residing on the tips of our tongues. And to the PC genius who came up with autosave.

I’d like to recognize the efforts of every friend and family member. We missed birthdays, dates, family gatherings, and holidays because we were busily sculpting our worlds to fit the purposes of imaginary characters. Thank you for not only understanding…but knowing it could have happened in the first place and loving us anyway.

To beta readers and free editors. You are gods. You are perfection incarnate. You are glorious. Without you we may never have had the courage to seek out publication and professionals.

To every cat, dog, and other animal that sat at our sides (or on our computers) and gave us a few moments of amusement and reprise when we wanted to give up. Thank you for your fuzzy heads and complete support.

There are a thousand million more people to say thanks to. Every person who ever eccited us. To every writer, good and bad, that gave us hope that we might follow in their footsteps. To that person in our lives who gave us the perfect story to inspire us. To the scenic views and the magical minds.

Thank you all.


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