Musings of a Millennial

In less than a week I will be 29 and I am freaking out a little.

No, it’s not because I think that I’m old. I play D&D and video games. I wont really think of myself as old until I am screaming at kids to get off my lawn while running around in cheetah print leggings trying not to spill my sarsaparilla. Even then I’ll probably be doing it ironically, or at least drunkenly.

I have student loans and a college degree. I’ve accumulated almost 15 years of work experience and yet never been paid more than $9 an hour. I don’t own my own car. I’ve never had my own health insurance and I have to live with several other adults to sure we don’t all drown in debt.

It’s not the life I dreamed for myself.

I did great in school. My report cards were littered with A’s and a couple of low C’s in math. I did German Honor Society, lettered in Theater, had a part time job as soon as I was able. I did everything that they told me I had to in order to me a successful adult. It’s not really working out how I thought it would.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Most of the time I love my life. I have great friends, I love most of my family, and I am privileged enough to be in love with an awesome human being. But this isn’t the life that I pictured for myself.


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