Noticing Things

You never know how long a page is till it’s staring you blankly in the face.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been planning. It was something new for me since I always just sort of…wrote. I never tried to think about where a story was going. This ended in terrible ways; namely not getting anywhere near what one might call a plot.

So, attempting to take things seriously, I sat down and planned out my plot. I have characters, a plot, a subplot, I even have this white board with cute little post-its all over. Really it’s very organized. I assumed myself prepared.

Yeah…I was wrong.

It’s not that I haven’t researched. In the months that I was pretending to write I did a great deal of research. I read articles about how many words a day I needed to write, how to make (and keep to) a schedule, the top hundred list of the greatest opening lines of all time. I dove into blog posts about what time of the day was best for a writer and why.

And that’s not all, folks. I bought books. I bought so many books. Self help guides to being a better author, books about creating believable characters, books about finding your writing style. I even color coded my highlighting. Looking back it was pretty ridiculous.

So why couldn’t I figure out how and where to start? The answer was pretty simple when I got down to it. I’d gotten so wrapped up in my planning and what everyone else was telling me I had to do that I didn’t bother thinking about what I really wanted for my writing.


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