Exerpt of a work in progress

Delilah stood up. Had she meant to? Whirls of blue and gold caressed her cheeks. Her oversized t-shirt swayed around her frame with a wind she did not feel. She looked out over the orchard. At first she saw nothing. Just the wind and the moonlight on the leaves of the peach trees. Then the world moved.

Figures tore away from the bark; long and spindly limbed beings with androgynous features. They swayed as if caught by a phantom wind. They were slow in their steps and their bodies of bark creaked with their ambling gait. They moved down the lines of peach trees and towards the lush and budding soy bean fields. In the places where their legs, more like roots than feet, touched the ground the soil sank, turning dark. The scent of rich earth filled the air.

They lifted their twig hands towards the sky and the peach branches shivered. Blossoms in shades of pink alighted on their fingertips. One spun about and the petals flicked apart forming delicate pink wings. In the center of it was a body nearly the length of a spoon handle. He, for it was most certainly male, turned his face towards her.

It was alien and angular and beautiful. His cheeks were hard angles that stuck out further than was human yet it did not detract from his alien beauty. His delicate lips were the same rose petal pink as the wings on his back and they stood out against the rich almond color of his skin.

Delilah held out her hand. He sprang from the branches of the trees and alighted upon her palm. She barely felt his weight, a tiny caress against her hand, and he danced over her skin.

Hello,” she said. Her voice sounded too distant in her ears.

He spoke, she was sure of it, yet all she could hear were bells, and several others joined them. Yet his lips spread in a wide smile and chirped again. The faerie motioned beyond.


He didn’t answer. But his voice had drawn the attention of several more of the petal fae. Aside from the wings they were surprisingly different. One was nearly barbie doll sized, another was no larger than a quarter. They were all in earthly shades, green, brown, or cream. Some were male, some were female, and some were something in between.


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